Woodridge Christian Church Missions

Woodridge Christian Church is involved in a wide variety of missions. We support many of the regional and national missions of the Disciples of Christ, in addition to several local mission activities such as our B.I.G. (Bring In Groceries) program, that supports local food pantries. We also assist some sister churches in providing meals, clothing and supplies to the homeless.

In a self evaluation study of our spiritual gifts, we discovered we have the gift of being "Helpers."  This gift is the gift of reaching out to support and encourage other Missions and Ministries that are not housed out of Woodridge Christian Church; such as the work of our Women's Fellowship Group or the "Bring in Groceries", or "souls 4 souls" shoes effort, to name a few.

Through this gift and others we have been able to reach out over the years and help as a need arises, whether it is a homeless family in need of an apartment and we met that need through our pastors fund, or if the need was to help kids with backpack supplies for school.  Being a helper we have been able to go where the need calls out.  From time to time, this has included taking groups to one of our Disciple led Mission stations, such as the one set up in Joplin, and proving hands-on mission work to help those hit by natural disasters.