WCC in Missions

The "WCC IN MISSIONS" is an organization that originated under the umbrella of Woodridge Christian Church. The opportunity for membership, however is not limited to the people of Woodridge. There is only one basic requirement: That is...TO SERVE.

There is no mantra, no dogma to memorize, not even a secret handshake.  We gather and give our time in the most sincere of intent, all done under the Samaritan's example of love for our fellow inhabitants in this place and time. 
To lend a helping hand. To be driven by Christ to serve our fellow man in whatever trial he may be facing.
We are the Woodridge Christian Church "WCC in Mission". We specialize in helping wherever needed. . We also go where you wouldn't expect, like the Kansas Food Bank and other places where we are called to serve.


For more information about this organization please contact Woodridge Christian Church at prc_wccoffice@sbcglobal.net or 316-688-5460.