Group 180

Group 180 is our youth group is a group for ages 12 - 18 years old. It meets most Wednesday nights, at 6:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., for fellowship, dinner, bible study, games and a general good time.

Group 180 also attends many state-wide youth activities and youth mission trips. They are active in the community with service projects to help serve the needs of other.

Support WCC Youth

Reminder! In order to support and give credit to Group 180 for your Dillons purchases, you must visit their website to re-enroll.
The Dillons Community Rewards Program

 Help in Supporting Woodridge Christian Church Youth group simply by shopping at Dillon's. the youth will get crdit  for every purchase our members make using their plus shoppers card. It's that easy!

Dillon's will donate $500,00 every quarter to the community rewards program. Every participating organization ,such as Woodridge youth group, will divide the $500,00 every quarte based on their plus cards total spent as a percentage of the total of all participating organizatons.

Every member must register their plus shopper's card in the program. Simply go to Dillon's website at At the top right hand corner of the Dillon's home page, click on "Register" to begin the process. once your card is registered you need to enroll your plus shopper's card in the community rewards program. Each participating organization has it's own 5 digit number. Woodridge youth group's number is 10542. please be sure to use this number for enrolling your card so that all your purchases go to Woodridge youth group credit.

Registering your plus shopper's card does not affect your fuel points or the discounts you recive on Dillon's groceries.

For more information, contact Amy Willard at or 316-688-5460

Thank you for your support!