The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a mainline Protestant denomination, which was born in the 1800's. It continues to be influenced by its founding ideals of our unity in Christ with openness and diversity in practice and belief. The denomination now counts about 700,000 members nationally with 28,000 members in Kansas and 95 Kansas congregations.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are a people of the Lord's table. For Modern Disciples the one essential is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and obedience to him in baptism. Congregations of the Christian Church are self governing in the tradition of congregational polity. They select their own leadership, own their own property, and manage their own affairs. Typically, lay Elders, rather than ordained ministers, preside at the Lord's table in celebration of Communion. The lay Elders and called Pastors provide spiritual oversight and care for members in partnership with one another.
The Logo of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a red chalice with a white St. Andrew's Cross. The chalice represents the centrality of Communion to the life of the church. The Cross of Saint Andrew is a reminder of the ministry of each person and the importance of evangelism, and recalls the denomination's Scottish Presbyterian ancestry. 
In 1943, a group of people from two suburban neighborhoods in Wichita, Kansas decided to start a church. From those early roots, Millbrook Christian Church was founded.  In 1957, thirteen years later, following a move to a location near across from the Wichita State University campus, the name of the church changed to University Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. In 1997, the church building was sold and the church relocated to a shopping center in Andover, Kansas. The name of the church was changed, once again, to Woodridge Christian Church. Groundbreaking was held in April of 2000 on the current building located on east 13th Street in Wichita. 
With this new facility it is the hope and vision of Woodridge Christian Church to serve Wichita and the surrounding areas. It is the goal of this congregation to welcome all people into our midst and provide the best resources for living a better spiritual as well as physical life.